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Promote the development of logistics and warehousing industr

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     Global logistics, warehousing and logistics and warehousing increased production of lightweight plastic packaging trends are driving the growing demand.
     According to statistics, in all packaging plastics, polypropylene (PP) proportion of up to 37 percent; followed by polyurethane, accounting for 17.3 percent; ABS resin,

accounting for 12.3 percent; composite materials accounted for 11.5 percent; high-density polyethylene ethylene accounted for 10.8 percent; polycarbonate accounted for 6.8

percentage points; poly (methyl methacrylate) accounted for 4.4 percentage points.
     At the end of 2012, the Asia-Pacific region to become the world leader in plastic packaging largest consumer market, accounting for 50.5 percent; followed by Europe with 28

percent, 11.3 percent in North America and other parts of the world to 10.1 percent logistics and warehousing manufacturing, modern logistics and warehousing. Mitsubishi

logistics, warehousing, logistics and warehousing generic forefront.
    The amount of global logistics and warehousing expected annual growth rate of more than 6 percentage points.
    Including plastic pallets plastic widely used in packaging, including warehousing, logistics, export and other environmental, plastic packaging products industry and a


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