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The amount of plastic pallets ranked first in the world to u

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    SHENZHEN E-DIAN plastic hearing ; According to related statistics , said that at present, China's plastic pallet industry is in a stage of vigorous development , China 's annual demand for plastic pallets will grow by more than 9% rate. In more than 55% in developed countries , industrial plastic pallets with products accounted for all pallets , plastic pallets country , especially the amount of PE / PP material plastic pallets ranked first in the world .

    With the adjustment of China 's economic development , and packaging products, industrial structure, Chinese demand for plastic pallets industries rising . Forecast 2015 global consumption of plastic pallets and lumber market is expected to reach 85 million tons , of which the Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the fastest growing regional market . China plastic pallet industry is currently in a stage of vigorous development , especially as this environmentally friendly plastic packaging products.

    In recent years, plastic pallets showing three significant advantages: environmentally friendly, recyclable and waterproof anti-moth , it has been widely used in industrial logistics and warehousing industries.

    It is reported that China's plastic pallets ( also known as plastic pallets , plastic pallets ) will demand an annual growth rate of over 9% . And with a variety of new materials, new equipment and new technology constantly emerging, will lead our country towards plastic pallets species diversity, specialization , and have multi-functional composite film direction.

    Plastic pallets are logistics and warehousing, especially is very reliable on the application of a plastic bag packaging material exports, the export exemption is to win the support of our customers .

    With the development of competition in the various needs of the industry, plastic pallet manufacturing industry are constantly on the rise , the outstanding domestic producers of plastic pallets , plastic SUNSONG like Dongguan , is increasing emphasis on industry market research , especially in-depth study of the development of the industry environment and product buyers. Because of this , a large number of outstanding domestic plastic pallets manufacturing brand has risen rapidly, becoming plastic pallets China and the world leader in the manufacturing industry .

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