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Plastic pallets quickly become the new darling of the market

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    With the rise of the logistics industry, plastic pallets gradually replace wooden pallets become the new darling of the market, especially since last year, plastic pallets significant increase in market demand, several major domestic manufacturer of plastic pallets have accelerated the pace of expansion of production capacity, in order to meet market demand sudden heat, like Dongguan three Cheung is one of them.

    Well-known market research agencies abroad Felli Group recently released a report that said that the current annual consumption of plastic pallets abroad was 1.1 billion PCS. The next few years, the amount of plastic pallets used abroad will grow at a rate of 2.4% is expected in 2017 in the country of plastic pallets consumption will reach 2.6 billion PCS. The agency said the reason why plastic pallets will be replaced in a few years time, wooden pallets become the new darling of the market, because the card board has excellent impact resistance, chemical resistance and water-resistant borers.

    In recent years, the intensity of the transport sector demand for plastic pallets increased year by year. According to a local foreign manufacturers of plastic pallets, compared with the other materials, quality lightweight plastic pallets, in the transport process can reduce fuel consumption, thus saving transportation costs for the commodity manufacturers.

    With the rapid development of China's ethylene production scale and reduce the production cost of raw materials of plastic pallets, price is no longer plastic pallets disadvantage. National Railway authorities formally below, prohibit the use of wooden pallets coming in rail transport, plus on food, medicine and other industries may also be disabled in the two years after rumors of wooden pallets, plastic pallets so that the number of orders from these industries linear upward trend.

    Experts, China's annual use of card board in more than 100 million PCS. Plastic pallets by developed countries accounted for 40% of card board half the proportion of the total calculation, the domestic demand for plastic pallets will reach 2 million PCS. This does not include updating and development of plastic pallets growth rate and the average annual growth rate in recent years to update the plastic pallets are around 10%. Where petrochemical, tobacco, food, pharmaceutical and transportation industries use plastic pallets number is doubled. On the domestic plastic pallets in terms of production capacity in order to achieve a basic balance between supply and demand in 5-10 years.

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