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Plastic pallets getting deep into the container transport in

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    With the rapid development of China's exports of container transportation industry, plastic pallets gradually deep into the container export transport industry , with plastic material and improve the technology and process of molding , plastic pallets in the application storage, transportation industry will become more common, will inevitably lead to large-scale development of container export transport. Currently , warehousing, transportation plastic pallets application has been developed by an ordinary member to the structure, functional pieces . The use of plastic materials has also been extended to the ordinary plastic with high impact resistance even better a composite material or plastic alloy . The amount of warehousing, transportation plastic pallets can reflect the level of exports of goods and application of industrial development of a country .
   With China's warehousing, transport rapid growth of exports, plastic pallets instead of wood and metal , including paper card board will make the demand for plastic pallets in transportation, warehousing industry greatly increased, especially in new materials and new molding technology development, making the demand for plastic pallets in storage and transportation industry is growing. In a certain extent, the amount of plastic pallets can reflect the level of industry and trade of goods plus the development of a country .
    According to Prospect Industrial Research Institute released the " 2013-2017 China plastic packaging products manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading sales forecasting and analysis report " shows: the development of intelligent packaging materials, the manufacturing sector is not only the new requirements proposed packaging materials industry , it is also including plastic pallets , including the further development of the plastics industry, the driving force , so that it will become the future direction of development of plastic packaging materials industry.

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