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Six world powers mold plastic pallets mold Technical Analysis
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    The application of plastic pallets reached an unprecedented height, plastic pallet mold market is sound continuously, and we die for 6 major world powers to do with plastic pallets mold analysis.

1. Japan
    Implementation of "industrial nation" economic model, in addition to grasp the core technology in many fields, but also hold the most profitable chain in the link, although the earthquake in Japan caused great impact to it, but it gives most of the rest of the world market, leaving only the joint-venture assembly plant part of the profits, this "industrial nation" is worth the economic model of Chinese enterprises to learn from the mold, including plastic pallets mold and an important proportion of products in the world. The current need to guard against the capitalists by international hedge funds and create public opinion, exaggerating the losses, took the opportunity to take away the money, and that the development of the global economy will have serious impact, if the Japanese capital was pulled out, the global industry association will be very large body of impact.

2. United States
    Plastic pallets mold and other molds production and supply of steel has been standardized. The United States has about 7,000 mold companies, 90% were less than 50 small businesses. Since the height of the development of industrialization, the United States die industry has become a mature high-tech industries in the world. The United States die steel production and supply have been standardized, universal application of die design and manufacturing CAD / CAE / CAM technology, processing technology, supporting the advanced inspection equipment, large-scale, complex, precision, long life, high performance tooling to advanced level of development, but faces from the cost, time and competitive pressure.

3. Germany
    Germany has always produced excellent processing skills and precision machinery, tools, known for its mold industry also fully embodies the characteristics of plastic pallets, let alone die. The content of the complex for the mold industry, after years of practice and exploration, German mold manufacturers formed a consensus: that the industry must be coordinated and work together to tap the development potential, with a spirit of innovation, technological progress together, learn from each other, play well overall advantage in order to achieve industry success. In addition, to meet the current demand for rapid development of new products, not only the big companies in Germany, established a new development center, and many small and medium enterprises to do the same, take the initiative to do research and development work for clients. In research has always been very active in Germany, as its unbeaten in the international market an important foundation.

4. Australia
    Mold manufacturing capability and show the contradiction between economic development, China can make up Australia''s lack of technology, especially in the plastic card, board and other plastic products mold. Australia''s rapid economic development in recent years, but the next few years also continue to increase momentum. But as a basis for the mold manufacturing industry, especially the stamping die manufacturing capacity can not keep up economic development, this much-needed imports from abroad, stamping die manufacturing technology and capacity, while China''s mold industry in this area happen to have a greater advantage, stamping Die higher level of technical equipment of enterprises in Australia, the market prospect. China has a complete plastic pallets mold, including mold design and manufacturing, including technical personnel and programmers, skilled workers, CNC machine operator, fitter assembly and mold commissioning.

5. Australia
    Mainly in automotive design and manufacture of molds are mostly used by the software as much as ug, pro-e, catia and euclid, mold companies in China with the same software, can be shared, cae analysis software and simulation analysis software has a similar shape . Foreign Cooperation for us this has provided good conditions. Die Association of Australia, Adelaide mode to do, all the Chinese Association of Melbourne mold and die manufacturing market place great hope. China''s exports to Australia which will create favorable conditions for mold.

6. Singapore
    Production of high precision plastic metal mold, a high level, of course, include plastic pallets mold. Singapore from 80 to 90 years of last century, the government has attached great importance to and supports the development of precision molds, the introduction of many policies, the rapid growth of mold industry, and promote Singapore''s rapid economic development. Singapore has various types of molds and precision machining related businesses more than 1,000 more than die over 4.5 billion yuan in output value, the mold industry in Asia has a very important influence and role. Die enterprises have listed more than 10. More than 65% of Singapore''s mold production for electronic-related industries are supporting the production of mold is not large, but they are high-precision, high levels of mold. Singapore enterprises are mainly concentrated in the semiconductor die framework / packaging molds, metal stamping die, plastic mold, silicone rubber mold and other fields.

    Molds to the main workshop in China, although the mold Dongguan Changan town, but the plastic pallets that is also largely dependent on large-scale mold such as the Zhejiang provincial enterprises, like Shenzhen, a little plastic mold plastic pallets to all enterprises from Zhejiang Mould manufacturing.

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