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Recycling of plastic pallets and plastic bottle recycling hazardous
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    In this paper we will describe the recycling of plastic pallets and plastic bottle recycling has the potential to give people physical health problems.
    Recycling of plastic pallets is a "double benefit" and even serve multiple purposes, and the recycling of plastic bottles could affect our health.
As the weather turned hot, bottled water and start selling bottled drinks. Some beautiful, some plastic bottles or plastic bottles rather hard texture are often reused by consumers, such as equipment used to hold water or oil. However, this seemingly "repeat

    Use of more environmentally friendly "behavior might actually make you fall into the trap of health, which is in our daily lives, many people do not get attention.
Experts point out that people think that they attach great importance to food safety, but often neglected the importance of various food plastic packaging. How to identify these plastic drink bottles, water bottles, oil bottles and other materials, and quality?
Not difficult to find people carefully, there are three individual bottles at the bottom of the arrow that recyclable use. A triangle surrounded by three arrows, which also figures 1-7, each number indicates a chemical material properties through the material to understand how plastic bottles Reused. "Icon at the bottom of the plastic bottle and numbers mean?" In recent days, visited many more, Pokka, Vanguard and many supermarkets consult sales staff, the supermarket''s sales staff are unclear, said shaking his head. Lotus in the CP shop to get Sanyuanli

A bottle of alcohol jasmine tea ice unified asked promoters, the promoters have half a minute looking at the sign, and then said: do not know what the icon, but this is a new taste, it is recommended to try. Re-interviewed at the scene of 10 consumers, 8 respondents said they did not

Know exactly? Only two consumers recognize that this is a sign of recyclable, but the specific meaning to the numbers inside, the two are not sure that the recovery than plastic pallets is much more complex.

Large corporate logo is also a mess, unlike the recycling of plastic pallets

The one hand, the weak sense of the end consumer, as long as the recycling can be reused
    On the other hand, the business emphasis is also uneven. Interviewed found: water mark is the most regulated industries, including Yi Bao, farmers Springs, Watson, Master Kong, unity, power, and many other brands of mineral water benefits are in the bottom of the bottle labeled "1" message. Edible

Marked the oil industry is also fairly standard, including Jinlong Yu, Lu Hua, Knife, Eagle brand of edible oil and other mainstream brands have marked. Tea beverages, half of the product is not labeled, such as Master Kong series of tea drinks. For carbonated beverages, whether it is Coca-

Music or Pepsi Sprite, Melinda, eye-catching series of sub-brands, no plastic bottles bottom triangle figure icon at the bottom of plastic bottles without any identification, which means consumers can not understand the material of plastic bottles, such as duplicate or improper use of it may affect health.

Also found that some drink the color of the drinks especially the bottom of logo is very vague, if you do not look carefully, could not see the bottom of the figure. To find the reason is lack of standards led to confusion in the market

It is understood that recycled plastic signs in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries are based on all the plastic manufacturers of plastic products ISO11469 international standard classification of plastic products not up to standard simply not allowed to enter the market.
In China, early in 1996 introduced the "plastic packaging products recycling" (GB/T16288-1966), a number of large brands formal order to facilitate the recycling of plastic products, recently have started to label recycling. But because the current plastics recycling label

Flag is optional, so many companies were not labeled on the beverage bottle material.

Problems: people blindly re-use is harmful to health

Currently the most widely used in food industry plastic packaging are plastic bottles marked 1, drinking water, beverages, condiments, cooking oil and other plastic packaging are as based. For different types of food, these plastic bottles of soft and hard, and different, such as drinking water

Plastic bottle, the bottle is generally more soft drinks, some functional, the bottle rather hard. PET material used is the same, but not easy to make a lot of hard and soft bottle consumers can easily "caught."
However, experts generally agreed that that qualified beverage bottles, mineral water bottles are required to be made with food-grade plastic that PET bottles. These food-grade PET bottles can not be high temperature, to be used at low temperatures, generally 70 degrees Celsius was safe. In addition,

These are single-use plastic bottles, the state enterprise can not recover, repeat the filling used. Some experts also suggested that difficult to clean plastic bottles, re-use of bacteria to breed.
That is, the public has been that the idea of ​​re-use more environmentally friendly in fact, may lay hidden dangers to physical health. Therefore, the need for every consumer to see the plastic bottle marked number within the triangle, in mastering the material properties of the case and then carefully

Rational use.
Recommendation: Food Packaging Box PP material is best to use
It is understood that the implementation of food and beverage industry have begun to take away and use food grade packaging materials. For instance, many restaurants offer PP grade plastic boxes for patrons packed, but generally have a 5 angle -1 yuan / month in costs, many consumers are hearing the charges, are rather

Choose low-cost foam lunch boxes, do not want to spend the money. Anwell of plastic products, said stakeholders, PP foam material boxes food boxes than about 3 times more costly, but safe, high temperature, can be placed in the microwave. However, the general market is

Like, not businessmen reluctant to use, but consumers do not want to use. A large restaurant chain, the relevant person in charge of the company Mr Tsang said in an interview, the company developed the take-away rules, the use of foam packaging materials, take-away is the additional 1 yuan each,

And if the use of PP packaging material, the angle of each single product subject to 5, the vast majority of consumers are subject to select only 1 per way.

     However, there is little recycling of plastic pallets and plastic bottles can not be completely different from the recycling of plastic pallets to complete environmental protection and energy conservation benefit, because the plastic pallets itself is not in direct contact with food and other commodities.

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