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Plastic pallets to enhance the quality and reduce costs of logistics ''''''''Panorama''''''''
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    Plastic Pallets is a plastic card handling, stacking, handling and transportation of goods level platform, also known as the activities on the ground, the mobile platform. It is the logistics and goods distribution industry in the most obscure, but everywhere in the basic tools. Although only the size of one square meter square, but they can "move the entire planet."

    General use of wood pallets, metal, fibreboard, plastic and other materials, especially plastic pallets is currently the largest trend can be described as overwhelming. Since March 2009, the State Council promulgated the "logistics industry restructuring and revitalization plan" for the logistics industry provides a powerful driving force for development. The plastic pallets as a Relying on the development of logistics and goods distribution industry, a key product, but also ushered in a golden era of its development. However, so far, the domestic plastic pallets industry, is not actually hold up the protagonist of this day, mainly due to our analysis of them one by one.

    In recent years, as the global and domestic increasing demands on environmental protection, together with Europe, America, Japan and other countries and regions on imported wood packaging products (including wooden pallets) almost harsh inspection and quarantine requirements, in a increasingly large extent, limited the use of wooden pallets. The board of plastic cards for its wear and corrosion resistance, light weight, fully recyclable, and other fine features, the development prospects are getting better and better, and even the industry as the best of the best logistics and commodity circulation pallets varieties. Some experts said that if the plastic pallets by the developed countries accounted for 40% of pallets half of the total calculation of the proportion of domestic demand for plastic pallets in the future will reach at least 400 million, in fact, this data should not be, because of its potential power far higher than expected. On the current domestic production capacity of plastic pallets, the 5 to 10 years after the figure is expected to reach 400 million, of course, like Shenzhen, e-dian Plastic Products Co., Ltd. This scale enterprises, China is not too much, its production capacity in the 20 million / year. Plastic pallets to reconsider the renewal and development growth, and if according to the national annual increase of 25 million pallets, of which 10% of plastic pallets computing, which is in turn increased by 250 million plastic pallets. Each plastic pallets by the average price of 200 yuan rough count, only the plastic pallets for a product, the output value over 500 million yuan each year.

    Country such as shezhen e-dian companies are trying to solve the problem of high costs. SHENZHEN E-DIAN Plastic Products Co., Ltd. General Manager Yang Yi told reporters minutes, they are stepping up introduction of new materials, plastic pallets products, such as using waste plastics pallets, to reduce the cost of the product. According to statistics, our company was established in 2003, a plastic pallets business. Relying on its years of chemical waste plastic recycling technology, the use of waste plastic products, manufacture of plastic pallets. The pallets made of plastic waste in full compliance with the logistics needs of the general public goods.

    Relative to the production process for wood pallets, plastic pallets of equipment and processing a high degree of automation, large-scale production can be achieved, thereby reducing the production cost of plastic pallets. But the precondition is to have uniform standards for pallets, which is in Shenzhen that has the technical standards. Thus, the solution of the unified standard and high cost problems can be resolved. The good news is, SHENZHEN E-DIAN and China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Card Professional Committee of the efforts of the board, set up by transportation, railway, packaging and other industry experts and business pallets composed of Task Force amended the national standard, in-depth research and extensive comments on the basis of the formation of a new national standard pallet. By the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the Standardization Administration of China approved by the Committee, in March 2008, the new national standard plastic pallets formally implemented. However, according to the industry reflect, so far, the new standard and the effects have not yet fully apparent.

    China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, said the high cost of alternative solution is to improve the frequency of use of plastic pallets and utilization efficiency. pallets investigation found that a professional committee, due to the way plastic pallets turnover constraints, enterprise products in the circulation process spend a lot of transportation costs.

    Experts estimate that if the standardization of pallets and plastic pallets sharing systems are set up, to make our logistics costs reduced by 1% to 1.5%, which is the logistics cost savings of 100 billion per year to 1,500 billion yuan, is strongly recommended to promote plastic pallets sharing system. The so-called pallets shared system, the card is set up a special board operating companies, the establishment of pallets recycling outlets, is responsible for maintaining the unity of pallets. pallets with the way enterprises through leasing, with the pallets to reach the final destination of goods, it will return empty pallets to the nearest recycling outlets, and pay the necessary rent. pallets shared system can effectively implement the establishment of consistent pallets of operations and increase the cargo pallet of the ratio of standard pallets in favor of promotion and application of, SHENZHEN E-DIAN also make efforts in this regard.

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