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7.23 accidents and safety inspection of plastic pallets
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    7.23 accidents affecting the hearts of people across the country, as a well-known enterprises of plastic pallets, whom we were shocked! In grief for the families of the victims moved at the same time, I was only in order to strengthen the security of the production of plastic pallets and plastic pallets carrying security doing more work.
    Including Premier Wen Jiabao arrived in 28 ''7.23 "Yongwen major railway line in particular accident scene, and with Chinese and foreign media reporters. Prime Minister said, because they are sick these days, so the sixth days of the accident scene, he was very sad accident.
    Yes, sad at the same time we should do more, not just to today''s sad and forget the past, forget our mission and responsibility, not just today, but sad to say for the later work: "Do you believe it? Anyway, I believe it! "
    Vary one thing, the consequences of an event is very flexible, it depends on our own how to think, how to understand. 7.23 accidents are not accidental, but inevitable, I think so, because I believe.
    A small piece of plastic pallets in the sense that this is still not cause the accident as 7.23, but as a modern corporate profits and overall efficiency, its security issues are also crucial, if if the plastic boards will lead to security problems affect freight and export, our use of plastic cards companies do not want to see the board. By the same token, only if we strengthen the security of plastic pallets and reliability of work, is to ensure the problem does not occur more than possible.
    Known as the plastic card board manufacturer, we often remind our sales staff in addressing customer needs in the plastic card board the same time, in order to ensure customers peace of mind, to remind customers to use plastic pallets and plastic card related knowledge boards carrying capacity, because this may remind you saved us a lot of people controlled the security problems.


    A few days ago as I saw an article on the Internet said: "China, you go slower!" Yes, the Chinese, you really should go more slowly, like a baby born to learn to walk the stage, is slowly, do not rush, so that can go wrong, is certainly a problem.
    From abroad is not the technology itself, but just the introduction to the "intellectual property" too fast, too fast!
    Like my first time riding on the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail in to a problem, if the speed of cars on the ground run over 120KM / hour, as long as there are deviations from the roll, a slight collision, would be a car crash. The speed of the train now I see 342km / hour, if a reproduction of even a small problem, what happens? Next, I really can not think, I sat on the train properly.
    So, whether high-tech development or progress of the enterprise is established on the basis of security, not to pay people''s flesh and blood and found the problem, as the price is really too much.
    This article is from Shenzhen-edian of network engineering, web series written, not entirely representative of Shenzhen e-dian. (End)

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