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Plastic pallets of sustainable development
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    Today, plastic pallets and plastic pallets in logistics, warehousing, export, transit and other essential packaging market in general plastic products, is supporting the development of modern high-tech and efficient transport of important new products is one of the manufacturing, information, energy , industrial, agricultural Industry, transport, aerospace and marine as well as national economic development are indispensable key areas of production, become inseparable from human existence and development of consumer materials. Our plastic pallets and plastic pallets plastic processing industry is the core of the plastic together Into the resins, additives and additives and plastic processing machinery and tooling for the whole of the "sunrise industry." Industry is expanding, the product yield ncreases every year, especially companies such as Shenzhen point, companies continue to grow, along the plastic work for the realization of Industry by the big powers to power sustainable development forward.

Plastic pallets products industry profiles

    Plastic pallets of modern economic development, especially in the export application can achieve "reduction, reuse and recycle" an important material, the molding process is non-polluting emissions, low consumption, high efficiency of the process, Most plastic pallets and plastic After use plastic pallets can be recycled, is a typical resource-saving and environment-friendly products. Plastic card plastic pallets and board processing industry with the rapid development of China''s economy maintained steady growth, great potential for development. Promote energy conservation in the country and through Central economic development policy, economic and technological innovation, speed development of new socialist rural construction to speed up the urbanization process will continue to promote a substantial increase in living standards, to promote increased domestic consumption and further promote the positive factors such as plastic pallets and plastic pallet industry Great development.

2011 is China''s "second five" first year, board and plastic card plastic pallets processing industry actively tap the potential within, to international markets. Currently, plastic pallets and plastic pallets product demand growth remains, not weaker growth momentum of previous years, even if all

Global financial crisis situation remains substantial growth.

1, plastic card plastic pallets and board of sustainable development
Plastic card plastic pallets and board of sustainable development can be reflected in the following four areas:
Energy saving
Fire Safety
The use of renewable
2, plastic pallets and plastic pallets application of rapid growth
Currently, board and plastic card plastic cards plastic sheet total consumption accounted for 8-10%.
From the plate and plastic card plastic cards plastic variety board already covered with a PP, PA, PC, PE, thermosetting composites in almost all areas of the resin market demand for PE / PP demand its total demand accounting for about more than 85%.
3, plastic pallets and plastic pallets energy saving effect is remarkable
In recent years, plastic pallets and plastic pallets have become lightweight plastic pallets and plastic pallets main direction of development of materials, energy saving and environmental protection as plastic pallets and plastic pallets two major issues of industrial development.
4, plastic pallets and plastic pallets with plastic parts to ensure product quality
Plastic card plastic pallets and board production enterprises should strictly follow standards of production, products undergo a rigorous inspection to the factory after the sale. For the general terms of all plastic parts, whether it is PP, PE, or PA, PC and other engineering plastics can meet the technical specifications, not

There are technical difficulties. We must clearly recognize that the current plastic processing enterprises in the production of plastic pallets and plastic pallets, there are still many problems, such as: blind investment, product duplication and disorderly competition, especially the small businesses remaining in the product quality

Fixed the problem, to the safe operation and security.
5, plastic pallets and plastic pallets to recycle the vast majority of
Plastic pallets and plastic pallet recycling industry for rural economic growth for rural surplus labor force and increase revenue to provide a channel for resource recycling, environmental protection and has made great contributions to the environmental protection industry and an important component of circular economy

Plastic card plastic pallets and board recycling in the status and role of the national economy: First, an effective way to alleviate the shortage of resources; second preferred alternative to other materials; third is the development of recycling economy, environmental protection an important part; Fourth benefits the country towards environment-friendly

Yang industry, application and development potential. Fifth, the use of renewable resources is an inevitable choice for the development of circular economy, its strategic goal is to create environment-friendly economic and resource-saving society.
6, the recent plastic pallet and plastic pallet Development Strategies
During the second five, we must focus on increasing investment in the following aspects to make the industry sustainable development.
    (1) to strengthen the independent innovation, improve product quality, reinforced plastic pallets and plastic pallets core competitiveness;
    (2) savings in nation-building environment-friendly society under the principle of saving energy, reducing plastic pallets and plastic pallets cost development of the industry;
    (3) to strengthen the board and plastic card plastic plate plastic waste recycling, recycling economy and sustainable development; but also increase the degradation of plastic pallets and plastic pallets research and development efforts, as soon as possible to its industrialization. (End)

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