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Teach you how to select the pallets or plastic pallet
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A), plastic materials, plastic pallets selection

1, choose a different material based on the environment of plastic plastic pallets temperature: different plastic materials, plastic pallets has to play its normal temperature range performance, and different temperatures will directly affect the use of plastic pallets made of plastic material selection. For example, plastic cards plastic plate The temperature should be controlled at -25 ¡æ -40 ¡æ, the use of wooden pallets are more extensive, good wood from the influence of temperature. Humidity: Some materials such as wooden pallets pallet and paper pallets has strong moisture absorption, should be avoided for the humid environment, or Will directly affect their life, there may be a fatal problem: worms. Use of environmental cleanliness: To consider the use of environmental pollution on the pallets. High degree of environmental pollution must choose pollution-resistant, easy to clean pallets, such as plastic pallets, steel pallets, pallets or composite panels. The weight of goods carried on the special requirements of pallets material: pallets carrying the goods sometimes corrosive, or pallet load of goods requires a higher standard of cleanliness, corrosion resistance at this time to choose a plastic pallets or through office  Management of wood pallets.

2, according to the specific use of pallets pallets to select a different material

Pallet load of goods for export are: many countries the packaging used for imported goods to be fumigated insecticide-treated materials, which is particularly reflected in the wooden pallet body, so the use of pallets for export should be possible by artificial selection synthesis or by heating, Pressure and other deep-processing of the wood packaging materials such as plywood, particleboard, fiberboard and other materials, wooden pallets or plastic pallets do not test, metal pallets, paper, pallets. pallets use whether on the shelf: shelves stacked card for the selection board should be rigid Not easy deformation, dynamic load large pallets, such as steel pallets, wooden pallets and plastic plastic pallets.

(B) the selection of Board Size

Of the board and handling the products, containers, shelves, transport vehicles and cargo handling facilities, and Taiwan has a direct relationship between the pallets is to consider the specifications of size or turnover of other transport equipment size specifications point. In particular, to establish an effective public system pallets, must Specifications of the card with a unified board, pallets pallets standardization is consistent operation of the premise. Currently, the new ISO international standard pallet sizes are as follows:

Taking into account the pallets used in the future versatility, should try to choose the specifications of the card with these types of boards, so that future boards will exchange and use. Of course, because the industry has formed its own inherent package size, pallet size specifications will have some Different requirements, but from the perspective of long-term international dimension should be chosen. It should also consider factors to select a pallets size:
1200 * 100 (mm) rectangular Europe
1200 * 800 (mm) rectangular Europe
140 * 1140 (mm) square in Australia
40 "* 48" (inch) rectangular USA
1100 * 1100 (mm) square in Asia
1067 * 1067 (mm) square in Australia

1, to consider the means of transport and transport equipment size specifications

Suitable plastic plastic pallet size should be consistent with the size of transport, means of transport can take advantage of the space, saving transportation costs, in particular, to consider the containers and trucks the size of the box, plastic design is in line with the usual plastic container and general case body Of.

2, to consider the goods are loaded pallet packaging specifications

According to the packaging of the goods loaded pallet specification to select the appropriate pallets pallets can maximize surface area. Reasonable board size card that can reach 80% of surface area utilization.

3, to consider the use of pallets area

Loading of goods directly affect the flow of pallets pallets sizes. Usually destined for European goods to choose 1000 or 1200 * 1200 * 800 pallets; destined for Japan, Korea, 1100 * 1100 of goods to choose the pallets; goods destined for Austria to select 1140 * 1140 or 1067*1067 pallets; the goods to the United States to choose 40 * 48 (1200 * 1000)-inch plastic plastic pallet.

(C) the choice of pallets structure

1, pallets used as a ground floor board, pallets that is no longer in freight movement, the role of water moisture just pray, choose simple, low cost of wood pallets or plastic pallets. However, it should be noted when using the static load pallets pallets and wood moisture Performance.

2, for transport, handling, loading and unloading of pallets to choose high strength, dynamic load large pallets. This type of card and board due to the repeated use with forklift trucks to use, so the higher the strength pallets, card, board structure is required font or Line Type field, and the plastic Material plastic pallets should choose a new material, although the recycled plastic material or plastic card outlet plate material procurement cheaper, but they can not use long-term repeat turnover, it is very important, which is a lot of turnover with the factory or factories at home board business card to special Do not pay attention to.

3, according to the pallets after loading goods to choose whether to stacking or double-sided pallets pallets (single or double available). Because only a single card bearing plate surface, and some nine feet, is not suitable for stacking, or likely to cause loss of the lower cargo Bad. After loading the goods need to stacking of two-sided card to try to select board, such as double-sided font or Line Type field, one or both sides may be available, but some factories and enterprises, especially in the warehouse, the use of is a manual on the shelf forklift, forklift bottom bracket as the original Because, reversible or swastika at the end of the plastic plate plastic card can not be used, pay special attention to this point, the card should be chosen font River Plate.

4, if the card is used in three-dimensional board on the shelves of the library, pallets to consider the suitability of the structure of code on the shelf. Usually because only from two directions to take the goods from the shelves inserted, so the card on the board for the shelf should be used as much as possible into the sides of the pallet fork, this will Forklift fork to take in cargo efficiency. Such boards will generally choose the font field structure, part of Sichuan-shaped pallets can also be suitable.

(D) plastic pallets bearing the weight of the selection pallets

Dynamic load refers to the pallets one can lift the maximum weight allowed: static load refers to the stacking, the bottom of the pallets can bear the greatest weight; overhead load means the load on the shelf. If it is on the shelf to use, be sure to pay attention to dynamic loads and loads on the difference between overhead, The national standard for the maximum deflection of 30mm, but this standard is noticeably wider. We use a simple card on the shelf plate deflection to not more than 20mm as appropriate, if it is automatic three-dimensional database, this requirement will be more stringent.

(E) Other factors to be considered

Frozen in the cold to use the library card, board, especially the plastic will become brittle plastic pallets: adding too much plastic cards plastic recycled materials to reduce board life; but that the latest development in Shenzhen high and low temperature resistant plastic plate is a plastic card good choice, plastic pallets On the long term costing more economical than wood pallets, although short-term cost is higher. (End)

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