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China''s refined oil prices also raised the matter?
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    This is bad news for ordinary people in terms of three crude oil (107.07,0.35,0.33%) the rate of change of prices rose more than 7 percent after March 8 (International Festival) will meet 22 days, "the conditions of the adjustment of oil prices, China''s refined oil face the risk of price increases, perhaps, one day we wake up, the petrol station price board have added on a pen not down , but the rise of the pen. Exclaimed: How should we face the rising oil prices.

    Shenzhen E-DIAN, oil prices, but raised, our main products: plastic pallets and plastic pallets of raw materials will push the prices on plastic card board prices will definitely rise.

    All months have been China''s refined oil prices would have been per ton, up 300 yuan may rise again this month, but the increase is likely to be more than 300 yuan / ton, is an amazing change.

    Media reporter yesterday learned that ended on the 2nd of this month, three crude oil for 22 consecutive days, the weighted moving average price of $ 119.837 per barrel, the benchmark average price per barrel of $ 111.907, the rate of change of three crude oil has risen 7.09%, in fact, far more than 4 percent of the domestic refined oil price adjustment "red line", why previous investigations price? There are many versions on the network, are reasonable, but face another round of price surge, "Pear".

    Analysis pointed out that 22 days from the last price adjustment, we do not have the prices of the conditions, according to the figures estimated more than 22 working days "refers to the 8th of this month, the International Women''s Day & P became domestic oil prices the day.

    This information indicates that, on March 8, the domestic refined oil to meet the prices of the two conditions. However, due to a time when the "two sessions", there are analysts believe that because of this reason can be delayed prices, but I do not think so.

    Development of e-dian as Guangdong''s largest plastic pallets and plastic pallets, manufacturers, and ordinary people do not want oil prices.

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