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Shenzhen E-DIAN wish you women colleagues a happy holiday
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    Tomorrow is the 3.8 International Women''s Day, this Shenzhen e-dian wish you ladies a happy holiday.

    Along the way from 2006 registered in Shenzhen has been six years, to thank the support and help of the ladies colleagues Shenzhen e-dian, hard work.

    Without you join, e-dian will not be like today, so full of vigor and vitality, and hope that our efforts towards a goal, and also to move forward towards your goal.

    As a plastics companies have extensive experience, through years of technology, resources, product integration, coupled with all the work, we reflect the Arts and Humanities e-dian should also reflect the mental outlook of the e-dian .

    In addition to the words of thanks, I wish you all a happy family.

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