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Shenzhen e-dian is expected this month, the price of plastic card board will continue to rise
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    Shenzhen e-dian News: Every time the price fluctuations we will do some tips, including this month, plastic pallets price might increase, the main source of source material price adjustment.

    3.7 domestic transactions, plastic pallets prices have come up, is the near future for the first time the price changes. Cold because the downstream market purchases, the domestic market of plastic pallets in February, almost nothing too much change, but now the plastic pallets price increases, high-speed related and domestic logistics and raw material prices.

    The plastic pallets rise again, finished or about 2-5 $ /. Of course, the prices of the plastic pallets things in the market expected, due to the PE / PP plastic pallets one of the main raw materials, relative to the pre-holiday price trough period rose nearly 5 percent growth in the cost of natural the price of plastic pallets, especially the desire of some SMEs to product prices is very strong. Plastic pallets increased cost pressures, competitive market, profits will cut.

    Parties concerned, some experts predict that the atmosphere of raw materials held up the plastic pallets, plastic pallets and other packaging materials market is still the possibility of price increases.

    Shenzhen e-dian as a well-known plastic pallets business, when watching the price changes, we will try to stabilize its price.

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