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    SHENZHEN E-DIAN Plastic Products Co., Ltd., is the early production of plastic pallets, plastic pallets, logistics, container, pipe sections, large-scale towers of professional manufacturers, the past few years, companies need to gradually expand the market scale of production, an increase of large plastic barrels, Plastic transport barrels,plastic cans and other series of the transport storage and logistics products, become the South region's largest warehousing, logistics, building materials manufacturers.
The company has engaged in a multi-product design and manufacture of professional design team composed of senior engineers, over the years the company needs customer-oriented, relying on advanced logistics technology, scientific management experience and ideas, and gradually develop a logistics vessel, stationequipment, storage facilities, handling equipment, four major series of products.Basically, manufacturing production to meet the site right spare parts, semi-finished products and the related information flows to achieve 7R requirements (ie: the right product,right quality, the right conditions, the right customers, right place, right time and the right cost).
Companies adhere to the "pursuit of excellence, dedication and innovation" as its purpose, the past few years, our products have been: Charoen Pokphand Group, TCL, Pepsi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Matsushita Electric, the National Optical appliances, Foxconn Technology, Johnson Electric and domestic large-scale well-known companies wait a choice of hundreds of companies and to first-class quality and service to win customers on the "little" brand recognition. In recent years, our factory production expanded rapidly.Owned machinery "sky", "Japan's Kawaguchi," a total of more than 80 machines.Now works in an area of more than 60 mu, building area of 10,000 square meters, more than 500 employees, including 20 management personnel, engineering and technical personnel 8. In an increasingly competitive environment, the company leading the spirit of "quality survival, reputation and customers, technology and development" business philosophy, bold reform, innovation, Strict management, and enable enterprise scale rising to become beads Triangle is well known for plastic products business.
For the sake of greater development of the enterprise, the company leaders and all staff warmly welcome customers to factories all over the country to visit, investigate, negotiate the business, and customers willing to cooperate sincerely and develop together.
Company's products meet the environmental requirements, has anti-aging, long life, integrity is good, smooth appearance, no nails without thorns, non-toxic, tasteless, non-static spark, waterproof moth, recyclable and so on. Thus greatly improving the business users of their products or commodities during storage and transportation security, stability, and significantly decreases the enterprise logistics costs, while improved sanitation.
E-DIAN will work diligently, and to provide better products and better service, looking forward to sincere cooperation with you to jointly create a bright future!
E-DIAN plastics, the preferred internal storage and logistics enterprises, international trade Excellent Supplier!
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