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    Shenzhen E-dian plastic Co,.Ltd is the early production of plastic pallets, plastic pallets, logistics, container, pipe sections, large-scale towers of professional manufacturers, the past few years, companies need to gradually expand the market scale of production, an increase of large plastic barrels, Plastic transport barrels,plastic cans and other series of the transport storage and logistics products,become the South region's largest warehousing, logistics, building materials manufacturers. The company has engaged in a multi-product design and manufacture of professional design team composed of senior engineers, over the years the company needs customer-oriented, relying on advanced logistics technology, scientific management experience and ideas, and gradually develop a logistics vessel, station equipment, storage facilities,handling equipment, four major series of products. Basically, manufacturing production to meet the site right spare parts, semi-finished products and the related information flows to achieve 7R requirements (ie: the right product,right quality, the right conditions, the right customers, right place, right time and the right cost).....
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