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This year, plastic pallets and large plastic mold manufacturing development analysis of
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    This year (2012), the fourth national financial work conference clearly adhere to the "five, first place is to adhere to the requirements of the nature of financial services to the real economy, to ensure that the funds into the real economy, an effective solution to the difficulties in financing the real economy, finance your problem, resolutely curb the social capital off the real to the imaginary speculation money, money, and to prevent the virtual economy of excessive self-circulation and expansion, to prevent the hollowing out phenomenon.

    In recent years, the proportion of plastic pallets, plastic industrial products industry in the global plastics industry products industry reached 19.8 percent, slightly more than 19.4 percent in the United States. Long-term one of the world economy suffered after the setback of the financial crisis is still to be outdone, Obama announced a high profile to the United States to return to the era of plastic pallets and plastic industrial products industry. This means that the U.S. economy from the virtual economy return to the real economy, the more productive manufacturing sector to remain in the United States, to resolve a large number of the employed labor force. Employment data released from the second half of 2011 that the United States received some results in this regard. Mold and plastic products business orders, domestic and export-oriented plastic card board cut one of the reasons, what is more, the original plan the transfer of industries to invest in the mainland of China''s plastics industry products industry projects also began to return to the United States.

    China also began to reflect that in recent years over-advancing urbanization, services, virtual economy, we must return to the track of relying on plastic industrial products industry mainstay of the economy. The focus of the new industrial policy to support economic restructuring, energy saving, environmental protection and independent innovation, the new credit policy and financial support will be SMEs tilt, private capital to invest in the real economy of the plastic card board is expected to crack the financing difficulties, the high cost of financing and the heavy tax burden and low leverage business predicament, to bring the Gospel to the small plastic card board manufacturing enterprises.

    International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui analysis pointed out: caught after the crisis era of plastic industrial products industry will usher in development opportunities, financing impasse will be broken, and financing environment, development environment will be improved. European and American debt crisis will undoubtedly bring the U.S. and European markets weakening demand, coupled with the appreciation of the renminbi is a general trend, the export-oriented enterprises will face an unprecedented transition pressure. The risk of the real estate bubble has given China''s economic and sounding the alarm, the "12th Five-Year" period, China''s economy must rely on new industry development opportunities to further adjust the industrial structure, to achieve sustainable development. Private capital to invest in a large number of the virtual economy and must return to the era of the real economy should return to the basic plate of plastic industrial products industry, lay a solid economic foundation and continue to further deepen the process of industrialization.

    At present, the support rigidity of the plastic card board demand growth factors still exist. First of all, the past two years the Government to protect the house started in the total number of over 20 million units, the "12th Five-Year" period will be 30 million units, the new demands of this market plastic card board before. Secondly, the country''s urbanization process is still further accelerated. Cities and towns each year would increase the family 8000000-10000000. In addition, you should see a continuation of the marriage boom. From 1986 to 1991 is the last baby boom of the Chinese population, 1200 population entered the marriageable age. This consumer-driven high-end plastic card board is obvious.

    Look forward to the six New Deal to boost the domestic market of plastic cards, board industry

    2011, domestic consumption environment of plastic pallets about the trend for the policy is very clear, as the end of the three policy to gradually withdraw from the end of the plastic card board plates upward trend, the trend is significantly underperform. The Commerce Department is preparing new domestic demand and boost the program to continue to provide stimulus in the next few years.

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