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E-DIAN plastic pallets behind Shenzhen export enterprises
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    Shenzhen City, e-dian Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Guangdong Province, the largest plastic pallets development, production and sales enterprises.

    Shenzhen has the country''s largest shipping ports, Yantian, Shenzhen enterprises export trade to select the port of departure, and largely export goods of export enterprises in Shenzhen have opted for plastic pallets package it.

    Shenzhen enterprises Why not export to other parts of the enterprises? Not such as wooden pallets, but the choice of plastic pallets? There are several reasons to give up a relatively inexpensive wooden pallets.

    (1) environmental protection requirements

    In recent years, many countries and regions, especially Europe and North America on the packaging requirements of the imported goods are environmentally friendly, wooden pallets for easy worms and many European countries and regions rejected. So we turned to a more environmentally friendly plastic pallets and plastic pallets can save forest resources, resource protection is increasingly of concern.

    Export and import of quarantine

    By fumigation because the export of wooden pallets and provide the relevant documents before they can export Customs and import customs and quarantine departments, so the operation is more complicated, which is also a lot of Shenzhen companies have chosen plastic pallets reasons.

    Destination of recyclable and re-use

    Whether it is new material or old material, plastic pallets, source of origin and destination, can all be recycled, plastic pallets is not damaged. This is also adapted to today''s concept of energy protectionism.

    Within the scope of the Shenzhen area, led by with a little plastic pallets suppliers is more, but some can be described as uneven, so choose a quality guaranteed, more attentive service plastic pallets business can actually reduce corporate unnecessary trouble in the export of goods.

    Therefore, the Shenzhen e-dian behind Shenzhen export business, we will provide you with more quality plastic pallets for export products.

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