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PE and PP raw material price increases again the plastics market opportunities opportunities
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    2012 domestic and foreign PE and PP raw material prices will continue to be subject to the impact of oil supplies, including plastic pallets, plastic packaging products, will usher in a price surge.

    Many areas of PE and PP raw materials buyer, said on Wednesday that they feel very sad with the news that once again raise the prices of raw materials of PE and PP. Especially the Guangdong plastics province, we do not want to see a similar price increase news, perhaps they will continue to raise prices in order to obtain better profits, but when is a primary? Other plastics enterprises empathy.

    Price adjustment based on the tune, many customers said they would reduce the amount of the usual order, and seeking other forms of cheap PE and PP raw materials. Plastic products in Guangdong Enterprises Association said this week forecast raw material costs this year will rise by 5-10%, and adjust its product so that it applies to China, cheap PE and PP raw materials. The cost reduction has become a plastics enterprises to solve the problem.

    In general, driven by the main factors for PE and PP raw material prices rise the costs incurred by the first quarter of 2012 pre-soaring cost of oil and other production of PE and PP raw materials.

    This also includes wage increases of personnel resources.

Prices of raw materials hold up the support and international enterprises atmosphere rendering, in the face of the plight of the downstream markets such as logistics and warehousing, to bring good for our PE and PP raw materials, market outlook, plastic pallets and other plastic products, prices remain strong.

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