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In March the prices of plastic packaging products all the way to triumph
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    According to industry sources, this month due to shut down or operating rate fell in plastic raw materials, production equipment, shortage of the amount of plastic

packaging products supplier, the price all the way to triumph.

    This month due to the three sets of production equipment maintenance, supply of plastic packaging products in East China region has been reduced by 43,700 tons,

while the national average production equipment operating rate maintained at 70%. Two months before the plastic packaging products, more than 500,000 tons per month.

    Wednesday in east China plastic packaging products, spot prices rose 10 percent, and closed flat on Tuesday. Current price 1.5% higher than in early.

    According to industry estimates, the current supply of plastic materials, plastic products, prices will stick at a high level.

    Manufacturers of plastic raw materials, production equipment shut down in southern China have more than one, which would lead to price increases of plastic


Higher prices of plastics upstream, downstream traders should be cautious procurement of raw materials.

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