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The high cost of plastic pallets penetration is low the main reason
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    Today we are talking about the price of the plastic pallets.

    Most enterprises in the coastal areas of South, East, Mainland enterprises plastic pallets performance superiority is increasingly interested in plastic pallets in the penetration of the domestic logistics and warehousing industry is still relatively low, although the Guangdong region of the penetration rate is relatively high, but in the whole country, it is really not satisfactory, as a professional plastic pallets production enterprises, the Shenzhen one o''clock the plastic pallets market in the future is full of anticipation.

    Most of the production, export enterprises would rather continue to use wooden pallets with risk, and do not want the investment additions to environmentally friendly plastic pallets. Some companies buy the plastic pallets is only in order to meet the customers of Europe and the United States requirements. The choice of "rogue" is the passive purchasing plastic pallets for export goods.

    The high cost is a major factor to hinder the use of plastic pallets. Usually the price of a plastic pallets is approximately equal to 2-3 of the price of wooden pallets.

    We believe that the use of plastic pallets can cope with high worker turnover rates, shorter lead times, safety issues, and many other challenges. Reduce the environmental potential safety problems.

    In the long run, plastic pallets has more advantages, so we recommend a more corporate procurement Shenzhen plastic pallets.

    Although the initial investment is higher, but response to the higher demands of the domestic environmental protection, early investment is also a good choice.

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